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Tiger Touch


Powerful Titan operating system;
Dual core processor, 60 gb SSD, 2 gb ram;
Support Chinese menu display, built-in multi-language;
Built-in 15.4-inch touch screen. It can also extend a 17-inch touch screen;
4 DMX output ports, 2048 DMX channels;
Support Artnet, and can be extended to 12 DMX output ports, 6144 channels;
10 macro buttons to edit any program;
20 playback players, support 1000 virtual playback;
Powerful CMY palette features;
Support doodle handwriting naming function;
Support CITP protocol, can preview the server’s own material or digital light;
Reserve an external wi-fi access point for remote control using the Ipod Touch and iphone;
Thousands of built-in optical library and built-in optical library editing software;
Built-in Visualiser visual stage simulation software, support video;
Provide MIDI time code control, remote control playback button or fader by MIDI;
Built-in pixel map and built-in graphics generator




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